What is CATSAT

CATSAT is a key decision tool for professional fishermen involved with pelagic fish species

Over 40 scientifically-validated top-notch ocean data products

The best knowledge available about ocean conditions from the sea surface down to sea bottom.

Weather forecasts help plan operations in all weather conditions.

Optimize your fish research time and save fuel.

Don’t leave your fishing operations up to chance. Make the best decisions based on real ocean conditions.

Understand ocean dynamics

Sea surface temperature 3D

Sea Level Anomaly Data

Look for the right temperature

Look for the right temperature

Sea Surface Temperature Data

the plankton drift

Track the plankton drift

With CATSAT’s Plankton Data

Secure your fishing campaigns

Secure your fishing campaigns

Weather information

CATSAT Mission

Help fishermen get the most out of their fishing campaigns, by providing  very accurate oceanographic data  and marine weather information in “near real-time” directly onboard the fishing vessel.

  • Guide for fishing options and strategy
  • Increased security during the operations
  • Save operations, time and money


Over 40 products

software !

Oceanographic data

Marine weather


Ocean currents

Plankton concentration




Weather forecasts